Polishing Silver

We know that “Art” is subjective, so it can mean one thing to someone, but something completely different to someone else. Personally, I think that certain actions are artistic, such as polishing silver. Silver is a precious metal that requires care and work, but the result can be quite beautiful. We found an article on a website by a company named Global Gold & Silver, which you can check out here: http://globalgoldandsilver.com/sell-gold-nyc and the article is about cleaning silver, and how the process works. Below I cite the article:

Besides monetary value, don’t hesitate to  appreciate the design value of your piece;  wear that pendant with pride! Nothing is  more timeless than an understated yet  opulent silver fashion statement. Keeping  your jewelry clean will increase both the  monetary and sentimental value of your  prized silver jewelry pieces.

You don’t need to visit a professional to  clean your silver jewelry. Simply take a  bowl and line the inside with aluminum  foil. After you set your jewelry in the  bottom of the bowl pour just enough hot water to completely submerge the silver; the hotter the better! For the next step you’ll need to add equal amounts of baking soda and salt. You only need to let the solution sit for 10 minutes at most. This is because the chemical reaction is converting the silver sulfide (tarnished coating) and aluminum into pure silver (6 Ag0) and aluminum sulfide. It may seem magical, but it’s owed to the brialliance of science. If there are any leftover bits of grime, rest assured you can simply add more salt and baking soda until the job gets done!

If you’re pleased with the end result of this brilliant D.I.Y restoration don’t forget to give you’re jewelry a good rinse in cool water and pat it dry with a towel. This is one of the best proven methods of caring for silver items. This ensures that you can maximize the true value of your silver or sterling silver jewelry. While you may get an impressive return from selling silver to your local silver buying professional, you can also get a great deal at your local gold or silver jewelry trading party. You can check meetup.com to find these fun little gatherings. They are quite commonplace in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the greater tri-state area.

While these are methods may be foolproof ways to clean silver, they certainly aren’t foolproof against fools! Always be prudent and ensure that other precious metal, gem, or jewel embellishments won’t be harmed by any of these cleaning treatments. For example, turquoise and amethyst can get permanently damaged by such treatments. Pearls are also vulnerable to damage from abrasive substances such as baking soda.

Always do your online research and consult a local jeweler for their professional advice.”



Thats right folks, its definitely going down! The SOA is launching their ALL CITY Art Series with the one and only Joe Buck and his experience known as SCRATCH. BOMB. SPIT. BREAK. From the man who brought you the DE LA SOUL IS DEAD album cover, creative direction for the FADER MAGAZINE and so many more visual gems, is now going to share with you a slice of his life through his art; for someone who has been in the right places, at the right times in Hip Hop history, you wont want to miss this. What better place for this exhibit to be displayed in then in Harlem’s own VAULT, a fashion boutique who prides itself in holding the freshest gear and sneakers on this side of the Harlem River, ask CHRIS ROCK, he knows, he’s been there. Need I say more!

RSVP. Claim It! Its yours!
SATURDAY, 05.03.08




What a better way to bring in the spring than with a Sound of Art event. SOA’s latest creation Amore, Salud Y Dinero in collaboration with Apartment clothing was another banger and a primer for what SOA has in store for 2008. Apartment is a Medellín, Colombia based and art inspired line with distinctive Latin American themes and motifs. The walls were intricately adorned with the works of the following SOA artists: Toofly, M. Tony Peralta, Ivette Urbaez, Mario Pena and Chris Partello. The Apartment design collective also contributed some of their work to the exhibition. The well-stocked gift bags given to attendees included Apartment t-shirts, CD’s and SOA catalogs. The spacious but cozy Agent Red International showroom was the venue for the evening, which marks the first time the Sound of Art has chosen a showroom as the setting for one of its soirees.